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Sundried, Natural Vanilla Powder

Temporarily Out of Stock

Vanilla powder is made by pulverizing the whole dried beans to a fine powder. Vanilla powder is well suited to incorporation into liquid-sensitive mixtures, such as some icings and melted chocolate, where even a small amount of liquid could create a problem; and into raw mixtures in which vanilla beans would not have a chance to impart their flavor evenly and thoroughly. In addition, the flavor of vanilla powder is more intense than that of most extracts and does not dissipate even with prolonged cooking. Vanilla powder will keep indefinitely, stored in an opaque, airtight container in a cool, dry place.

Intensely vanilla, it takes over 220 vanilla beans to make a pound of vanilla powder. Bliss out with a mix of vanilla, raw carob and mesquite powder; sprinkle on everything you eat.

Vanilla and Carob powder are so fun to bake with and add. I love knowing that I have these powders from you, and they are organic! I just feel happy when I use them.
Ursula Grobler
Champion Olympic Athlete
(Ursula has just broken the World's Indoor Rowing Record)

We are a small 100% organic & Fair Trade raw vegan chocolate company based out of Sebastopol CA and we love using your vanilla powder in our blackberry vanilla truffles!
Many thanks!

Love Bird Chocolates
Sebastopol, California

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