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Alive Organic Macadamia Nut Butter

Certified by California Certified Family Farmers  USDA Organic  

Created from organic Hawaiian Macadamia nuts!

A taste that will bring you back to a sun-filled world of times long past. Rich and flavorful.

Ingredients: Organic Macadamia Nuts

Customers' Comments

I had my heaping tablespoon of Macadamia Butter for breakfast.  It's decades better than Wheaties, like Nourishment in the New Age, adding years of youth to my funny bone. I am not kidding you, Dr. Schwartz, I love the stuff and can't wait to get up and have it.  Better than coffee, bagels and lox!

I had a bite (well, more than one) of the macadamia butter last night, first thing entering the kitchen as I set out to prepare dinner.  Well, maybe two. YUM!  Then I began preparing dinner, but was distracted because it was soooooooo good that I felt compelled to have yet another heaping spoonful!  I had another, and then forced myself to simply stop in order to be reasonable.  That being said, tonight I am sure I will do the same when I arrive home.  Thank you for the most superb nut butters on the planet (and I say that with authority, because I have been a vegetarian since my son was born in 1987and raised the family on all manner of seeds and nuts for decades). 
Peace & Blessings upon you,


Dear Living Tree Community Foods -- We just LOVE your nut butters. My husband has a hard time putting on weight. Since switching to eating your nut butters, he has been able to put on some good weight. He eats about a cup per day with some ripe fruit. Yummy! One of his favorite meals is 2 or 3 apples (chopped up), 3/4 cup Macadamia butter, 1/4 cup ground up golden flax seed, and a little salt -- mixed all together. That gives him go-power for hours.
~Linda Bissell

This nut butter is like a revelation! I have eaten macadamia butter before and loved it, but all other macadamia butters pale in comparison to the complex and subtle flavors of the one made by Living Tree. First, the texture is more like a cream than a spread - smooth, thick, and amazingly light. And since there is no added oil or salt, the true flavor of the nut - complexly sweet and even milky - shines through.
It is as if the long, loving process that Living Tree Community uses coaxes the flavor out. In short, the package label lives up to its promise of taking you back to times long past. This is possibly the best nut butter I have ever tasted.

Karrie Higgins
Portland, Oregon


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