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Canadian Jumbo Real Wild Rice, Wildcrafted and Hand Parched


Real Wild Rice grows wild in the clear lakes of northern Minnesota and Canada. It requires just the right conditions to grow. The water has to be at a certain level, and it needs to flow slightly, but not too much so that it not uproot the plants. The bottom of the lake needs to have rich humus, and the temperatures need to be just right. Given those conditions you can grow a wonderfully nutritious, healthy and natural rice. It is actually a grass with large seed heads. The water fowl just love it.

Most wild rice available in grocery stores across the country is what is referred to as paddy rice. This rice is grown like brown rice in rice paddies. It cooks uniformly, and is consistently the same year after year because it is a cultivated rice. It is actually a hybrid developed by the University of Minnesota. It is because of this paddy rice that many people dislike wild rice. There is a great deal of difference between Real Wild Rice and paddy rice.

Real Wild Rice will not grow in rice paddies nor can it be cultivated. The hybrids all have less nutrients that their ancestors. Real Wild Rice grows on non depleted soils at the bottom of pristine lakes, is planted naturally, and has the same nutritional value it had long ago.

Bending the rice heads over the canoe to collect Real Wild Rice.

It is harvested in the fall and is the freshest you can buy. Wildcrafted from a pristine wilderness.

Kosher Certified

You may wish to read this article which explains why wildcrafted food is better for you than farmed food.

Customers' Comments

"...positively the best, most elegant wild rice I've ever had- and I used to live in Minnesota! Allowed me to essentially eliminate grains from my diet-- I cook it in organic vegetable broth and it's like Thanksgiving every meal!"
- Nancy Herzberg, OR

Hi there, I just wanted to tell you that I received my order from you yesterday and this morning I had a bowl of the wild rice with some cocnut oil, black manuka raisins and cinnamon and that rice is sooooo good.  Thank you.  I really love it.

Thora Pomicter

Hi there. I received my order the other day and have enjoyed sampling  the products.
First of all  I am a big halvah fan but my body isn't real happy with refined sugar these days. The Heart n'Sol halvah you make is so delicious!!
Last night we ate the wild rice. I did soak it overnight and cooked it for about 15 minutes. It was delicious! The evening before we had the red quinoa, again so delicious.
Thank you for the lovely food you provide for us all. I like your newsletter too.
Karen Cappa
San Francisco

I just wanted to let you know that your wild rice is absolutely the best rice that I have ever tasted. Thank you!!!
Magda Maslowska

I just ordered three more bags of wild rice. I'm giving one to my mom for her 84th birthday present. We grew up on wild rice and it's one of her favorite foods, and YOUR wild rice is the best I've ever tasted!! Thank you.
Susie Ekberg
Fargo, North Dakota

I just ate the rice I ordered last month from you. I flipped out! It is absolutely incredible. Thanks so much.
Andrew Wasserman
Schooleys Mountain
New Jersey

Never had better! Tried it for first time last evening and its wonderful - worth the cost and the effort. Excellent flavor, and it holds up beautifully in the cooking (not breaking and curling).  As a vegetarian I often plan to make rice and finding it rather boring, seldom do it; that is definitely going to change. Thank you for making such an excellent product available. I also like to think its purchase may be helping those who add to their income in producing such an excellent food.
Looking forward to the arrival of my raw almonds. Yummy.

Colleen Patterson
Anchorage, Alaska

I'm really excited to have found your company. I'm a new customer, but am very pleased with the extremely good quality of the products so far. The Organic Cranberries sweetened with apple juice are delectable. I've tried dried cranberries before, but have never found anything like these that you sell. They are so moist, tender, and flavorful. Just the right balance of sweetness and tartness. Yummy!
The Organic Halawi dates and the Organic Thompson Raisins are fantastic, and I'm very pleased to be able to buy these products that come from California farmers. The Organic Quinoa is delicious and extremely clean (no small stones as is often found in bulk bin quinoa). I'm looking forward to trying the Organic Amaranth and "truly wild" Real Wild Rice harvested by the Ojibwa native Americans. To be able to buy rice such as this, as such a good price, is fantastic!!
I don't want to forget the black sesame seeds. They are incredibly flavorful and a perfect texture. I've never found sesame seeds before that I enjoyed just eating by the spoonful right out of the bag,
Thanks so much for all that you do,

Springfield, Oregon

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Order Canadian Jumbo Real Wild Rice, Wildcrafted and Hand Parched

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