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Alive, Organic Almond, Carob Tahini - 16oz

We have combined our alive, organic almond butter and our tahini with carob to bring you a richly satisfying nut and seed butter.  We've also added almond oil and lucuma for spreadability and texture,maca for energy and Kona Gold Wilelaiki Blossom Honey, maple syrup, coconut oil, California sun dried raisins, and a dash of Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt for delight.

By using carob instead of cacao, we've achieved a (somewhat) chocolatey flavor without the chocolate.  Kids and kids at heart will rejoice.  Just the thing for nutritious school lunches.

When you need a delicious quick boost of energy and unique flavor.
Nancy Herzberg, Oregon

Thank-you for sending the complimentary jar of Almond-Tahini-Carob Butter.
My family and I tasted it (Husband, Wife, 18-year-old Son, 16-year-old Daughter,) and here are some of the comments:
Good texture of sesame seeds, like halvah.
Almond butter tones down the bitter taste of sesame.
Nice fruity taste.
Raisins are good, and I like the chewy bits of raisin.
Tastes sweet, but sugar level (from nutrition panel) is low.
Chocolate-free food options are good.
I like it and would buy it.
We enjoy and impress our friends with many products and recipes from Living Tree Community Foods.
I also learn so much from your newsletter.
Thank-you again,
Laura, Elgin IL

Your AlmondCarob nut butter is absolutely amazing. I think it is my favorite from all of your creations I tried until now. The rest of my family (3 more) also thinks it is amazing.
  Thank you,
all the best,
Milena and co.

I found it a nicely balance blend with the amount of tahini just right. Well done.

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