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Alive, Organic Chocolate Persimmon Rolls

We are sold out.

We begin with a sheet of organic and bio-dynamic certified persimmon leather and add a layer of California grown almonds, walnuts and sun dried raisins.We add cashews also and  top it with  raw chocolate to complete the filling.We then roll it ecstatically and dip the whole into our alive chocolate made from 100% raw cacao, carob, mesquite, lucuma, cacao butter and alive honey. We also add maca for energy. Most raw chocolates out there use sugar in one form or another. I’m delighted to say that instead of sugar we use honey. Alive honey has powerful antibacterial properties and is even effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria. It is a complex substance containing over 800 compounds, little understood by conventional science.

We create these alive chocolate, persimmon rolls here in Berkeley, California. It is a wellspring of the human spirit with a rich tradition of Americans who have dared to stand up and speak their truth. Berkeley is a center of original and creative thinking, over 21 Nobel Prize winners have taught here.

For best flavor, please keep refrigerated.

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We received the persimmon roll in the mail yesterday. What a beautiful creation, and sumptuous too!!  We enjoyed every bit of the Persimmon roll!!!!!!  Impressed! Impressed! Impressed... with all the ingredients combined in this roll.  That took quite a bit of testing didn't it?  Are any of those ingredients that you use able to be grown here and fresh that we could grow for you, such as the lucuma and maca?  If you have an ingredient that you would like us to try and grow, we would be willing to do so. Remember, we are Biodynamic growers as well as Organic.  Keep up the good work and thank you very much for the treat.
It's been a pleasure.
Helene Beck
Beck Grove & La Vigne Organics
PO Box 2890
Fallbrook, CA  92088
760-723-9997 / Fax: 760-728-2710

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