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Organic Alive Coconut Butter
One 16oz Jar 
Two 16oz Jars 
Three 16oz Jars 

 Certified by California Certified Family Farmers  USDA Organic  Kosher Certified by Vaad Hakashurus of Northern California
Our alive coconut butter is created from alive coconut. Savor its fragrance. Ponder its texture.  We've added coconut oil to make it more spreadable.

"Coconut products modulate the thyroid. They help us produce sex hormones, which we know now are actually health hormones...protective effect on our nervous system. The best form of that is the coconut cream... if we can do 2 to 4 tablespoons of that a day thats very important and helpful to drive off the radiation from our thyroid..gets the thyroid functioning a little bit more effectively...Tastes absolutely delicious and something you are going to want even more tablespoons of a day."
--David Wolfe

Ingredients:  Organic Coconut, Organic Coconut Oil

At 20 months, he still loves my breastmilk, but now my son is refusing to eat anything unless it's fresh fruit or veg, something I prepare, or something that comes out of one of your jars. He's hooked on your coconut butter. I thought for sure I had enough to last at least another month, but no more. Then I tried to give him another brand that's available at our local store and he gave me a look of deepest scorn. I thought I'd be clever and start not letting him see the jar, but that didn't work either: he knows the taste of YOUR coconut butter and will accept no substitutes! And thank you for your suggestion that I try to consolidate my orders for free shipping!
Baton Rouge,LA

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