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Alive, Organic California Walnuts Halves & Pieces

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California Certified Organic FarmersOur walnuts come in halves and pieces for you to enjoy and are organically grown in the rich, fertile soil of the Central Valley of California.  
Meet The Woman Who Grows Your Walnuts

Judith Redmond
Judith Redmond
Judith Redmond has just brought us the new crop of walnuts which she has grown to perfection. She is one of the four family farmers who own Full Belly Farms, one of the finest organic farms in California.

This 300-acre certified organic farm located in the beautiful Capay Valley of Northern California, an hour northwest of Sacramento. Full Belly has been farmed using organic practices since 1985 and is certified by California Certified Organic Farmers.

With help from about 45 to 55 employees, the farm produces an amazing diversity of vegetables, herbs, nuts, flowers, and fruits year-round. The farm also has a flock of chickens, a herd of sheep, and several cows.

Full Belly's system includes: growing and marketing over 80 different crops; providing year-round employment for farm labor; using cover crops that fix nitrogen and provide organic matter for the soil; developing innovative marketing strategies; and planting habitat areas for beneficial insects and wildlife. This set of strategies allows the farm to integrate farm production with longer-term environmental goals.


California Walnuts

For Educational Purposes Only:
Fight heart disease and lower cancer risk with a daily dose of nuts
Walnuts: the perfect food for our brains
Go nuts to significantly lower risk of obesity and diabetes, and aid your weight management strategy
Here's a nutty fact: Eating more tree nuts lowers the risk of all-cause death by up to 20 percent
Are Nuts a Weight-Loss Aid?
Walnuts found to boost heart health: Study
Tree Nut Consumption Lowers Chronic Disease Risk and Assists Successful Weight Loss
Resveratrol and nuts team to protect the brain and boost cognitive function
Raw nuts lower elevated blood sugar levels and high blood pressure to fight metabolic syndrome
Walnuts May Help Lower Breast Cancer Risk
Research Says Eating Walnuts Improves Critical Thinking
Olive oil and nuts in diet control heart disease better than dangerous drug therapies
Health Benefits of Walnut Oil!
Research shows that seeds and nuts are "brain foods" that can also stabilize your mood
What You Need to Know About Omega-3s
Nuts require proper storage for longevity
Walnuts rank as top nut, providing highest level of quality antioxidants
Research shows that seeds and nuts are "brain foods" that can also stabilize your mood

Omega-3's Fight Gum Disease
The Incredible Importance of Omega-3s
Prevent and Treat Heart Disease by Optimizing Omega-3 Fats
Walnuts Improve the Stress Response
Eating nuts lowers cholesterol

Omega 3s reduce risk of colon cancer
For Nut Benefits, More Is Better
Scientists find walnuts fight prostate cancer
Walnuts keep your blood flowing
New study suggests Walnuts can reduce risk of Breast Cancer
Walnuts Found to Prevent Breast Cancer
Eating Walnuts Cuts Cholesterol
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Prevent Heart Disease, Slow Aging and Delay Telomere Shortening
Kosher Certified

Walnuts. Another of the great nuts, walnuts are a real brainfood(they even look like little brains). The fatty acids and the 15-20 percent protein level nourish the nervous system, and the walnut when shelled looks remarkedly like the human cerebral cortex. The walnut is about 65 percent fat. It can be eaten raw or used in baking, and the pressed walnut oil can be used in cooking or even for oiling wood. It should be used fresh, though, as it is not very resistant to spoilage.
Staying Healthy With Nutrition by Elson M Haas MD, page 335

"I am indeed so thrilled with my order, received yesterday.  The walnut pesto?  Delicious!!!  The walnuts, perfect.  Even the walnuts I was buying at my local natural food store, a good place, are not this perfect.  It seems to me the farmer and you took pride, and removed any less-than-excellent walnuts.  And then you had two additional gifts besides, some trail mix and the Carob Halva.  THANK YOU!"
Doug Myers

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Order Alive, Organic California Walnuts Halves & Pieces

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