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Organic Sun Dried White Mulberries

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California Certified Organic FarmersExceptionally sweet.High quality. A refreshing snack. Imagine an alive pie decorated with raw coconut flakes and sun dried mulberries!

Kosher Certified

"Unusual and satisfying-- a Turkish treat."
- Nancy Herzberg, OR 

When I was a wee lass in Illinois, mulberry trees proliferated in our neighborhood and we had a love/hate relationship with them.  We kids loved how they tasted and tried to climb them as they tantalized with their accessible branches, but they were too dense, itchy and prickly.  We tried to gather the fruit to bring home to share, but they made our fingers so sticky besides our necks hurting from looking up as we picked, we soon had to give up.  They made a mess of the sidewalks, our shoes and so our houses when they plopped everywhere.  I had what is my earliest memory of an extraordinary existential experience right in front of a mulberry tree, and from that day to this, I consider that particular mulberry tree 'my tree'.  Then I grew up and married a man named Morales, having no idea until years later that it means "mulberry".
I had to try your dried ones.  I've lived away from mulberries for over thirty years and reading about them in your newsletter made me need to get some for curiosity and nostalgia's sakes.  They did not disappoint and I will order more.   Mmmmm, better than jelly beans - with no tummy ache or sore mouth - and much more beautiful, with their mottled hues and interesting and intriguing texture, plus they sound tinkly in a bowl just as nicely.

 Martha Morales

You may wish to consider the following. For educational purposes only:
Three Reasons to Eat Raw Mulberries  by Matt Monarch
Mulberries Treat Insomnia, Arthritis, and More

I just wanted to let you know that my sister and I recently ordered a few products from your website and we are absolutely thrilled with them all. We especially love your Pistachio Pesto - it is so unique and flavorful, with hints of sundried tomatoes, salty sundried olives, nutty pistachios, and garlic and herbs. All of your foods are of such high quality, natural, and so nutritious! We love how you offer unique dried fruits that you would otherwise not find at normal grocery stores. We tried your mulberries, and they are so interesting in flavor - with a taste of flowery coconut and tastes of raisins and dates. We really love the sundried peaches and red bananas. And your raw pistachios are delicious!
Thanks for all of your great raw healthy and delicious foods!

Krista and Lisa Shepard

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