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Irish Moss

One 8oz packet 

Three 8oz packets 

Irish Moss will make any liquid fluffy and is a substitute for gelatin and other thickeners. You may use it for sweet deserts, ice-creams, shakes, parfaits, mousse, pies, as well as savory dishes, nut cheese and nut "yogurt ".

For Educational Purposes Only:
Irish Moss is a Revitalizing Super Food
Seaweed as a Rich New Source of Heart-healthy Food Ingredients

Kosher Certified

How to prepare Irish Moss:
Place a handful, or all of your Irish Moss into a tall container. Rinse well 3 or 4 times and let soak up to 3 hours in lukewarm water. Before use rinse again and check on hidden sand, small stones or other impurities.
The Moss is ready when it has a creamy white color and nearly double size and weight than in its dry original state.

How to use Irish Moss:
According to your recipe blend the Irish Moss and water together until it is well broken down and very creamy. Before adding other ingredients, make sure that you blend all chunks of the moss which might kept sticking on the lid and walls of the blender.

How to store Irish Moss:
Dry Irish Moss can stay up to a year in a cool dry place, as the salt will preserve it.
If you have soaked more Irish Moss than needed you may keep it in the fridge and change the water every few days and it will keep fresh up to 3 weeks. You may also blend the Moss with a little water until you get a thick creamy consistency; store it in a closed glass jar in the fridge for up to 3 weeks (it's nice to have some Irish Moss paste ready in you fridge for spontaneous recipes).

Raw Cacao Mousse:
1 oz soaked Irish Moss
1 cup water
4 cups almond milk
1 cup date paste
1 cup agave nectar
Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal salt
1 cup raw cacao powder
3 TB lecithin
1 cup coconut butter

Blend Irish Moss with water until well broken down. Add the rest of the ingredients except for the lecithin and coconut butter. Blend until well incorporated, then add slowly the butter and lecithin. Keep blending until the mixture is totally smooth. Pour into individual cups and set in freezer for about an hour or until the middle feels slightly firm to the touch. Top with your favorite berries (we love cherries or raspberries), cacao nibs or Meringue. This recipe makes about a dozen servings.

1 oz Irish Moss
1 cup water
2 cups coconut milk
1 cup coconut meat
1 cup soaked cashews
6 TB agave nectar
Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal salt
Seeds from 1 vanilla bean
1 cup coconut butter

Blend Irish Moss and water until the moss is broken down well. Add rest of ingredients except the coconut oil, drop the oil at the end into the smooth mixture. Top mousse, or fruits and put about 1 hour into the fridge to get solid.
This Meringue can also be a basic for a savory dish: replace vanilla and agave with chopped fresh herbs, optional lemon juice, optional salt, increase coconut meat and/or cashews to get a cream-cheese like texture.
(The original recipe and more delicious dessert ideas are found in the amazing book " I am Grateful " by Terces Engelhart)

Vanilla Ice Cream:
2 cups soaked almonds
3 cups of water
1 cup coconut oil
1 cup soaked Irish Moss
1 cup agave nectar
Seeds from 2 vanilla beans
1 tsp vanilla powder
3 pinches of Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal salt

Blend almonds and water to milk, strain and keep the pulp for another recipe. Blend 1 cup of almond milk with the Irish Moss until completely smooth. Add all other ingredients, last add coconut oil slowly. Pour into a freezable container and freeze overnight. When ready, scoop and enjoy with fruits, raspberry sauce, raw chocolate sauce or make variations of the ice cream:

  • add 1 cup cacao powder, orange zest and 1 cup agave nectar for a heavenly chocolate ice cream
  • add 1 cup of minced mint leaves with 1 cacao nibs after blending
  • add 1 cup of banana or mango pulp, lower the water by 1 cup
  • add 2 tbsp Maca powder and replace Agave Nectar with Maple Syrup for a toffee flavored ice cream.

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