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500ml Alive, Organic California Olive Oil in an Elegant Blue Bottle


 Certified by California Certified Family Farmers  USDA Organic  Kosher Certified by Vaad Hakashurus of Northern California

We are currently sold out.

What a treasured gift it would make.

Our Olive Oil is organic, raw, unfiltered, unheated, UNPRESSED and Kosher certified. This oil is brimming with life forces.Think of it as you would a fine wine. Store it in a cool, dark cupboard or wine cellar. As it ages, it will become smoother and more mellow.

Created at room temperature (70 degrees Fahrenheit), extra virgin; instead of pressing the olives under tons of pressure, they are sliced and the slurry is put in a malaxer to churn it slowly. It is then put in a centrifuge decanter which gently separates solids from liquids. Finally its put in a separator to separate oil from water. The old procedure of pressing can easily cause temperatures to exceed 140 degrees fahrenheit, whereas now the temperature is kept below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the oil is unheated, so much of its subtle essence and flavor is preserved. That's why we call it "Alive, Olive Oil".

It is created exclusively from Ascalone olives, an old time, heirloom variety. They are grown by family farmers in California's Central Valley. Only mature fruit is used. Most growers harvest in December, whereas they harvest in January, February and March when the fruit is ready to come off the trees.
Most olives nowadays are harvested mechanically. A machine comes along and shakes the trees. The olives fall to the ground and then are swept up into piles. Not so for Alive Olive Oil. The olives are harvested by hand and they are not allowed to touch the ground.The fruit is not left standing around, rather it is processed within 36 hours (at most) of harvest. This finished oil contains less than 1% acidity. 

Van Gogh, Olive Picking
Van Gogh, Olive Picking, 1889

Those brave of heart are invited to discover why we call it aviation fuel. Try a teaspoon in the morning! It will start your engine! Break a fast with olive oil-you'll be jet-propelled!! Anoint yourself with living olive oil! Put a small amount in a bowl, moisten your fingertips with it and with a circular motion rub it onto your body. Moisten your fingertips again and continue absorbing it into your body.

We suggest buying several bottles. Use one right away. Let the other bottles sit in a pantry or some other cool, place to mellow. We do not recommend refrigerating olive oil.

This olive oil has body and soul. Its signature is the devotion of its producers and the life force of the wondrous fertile soil, water, air and sunlight in the northern region of the Central Valley of California. Once a great inland sea.

Centrifuge Decanter
Centrifuge Decanter

A Gentle Liver Cleanse

Consider a daily liver cleanse with a tablespoon of Living Tree Olive Oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed together. Now the ancients believed that passion begins in the intestines. When they're functioning properly you'll understand what the poet meant when he said, love, tells us, humming, that the stalled motor of the heart has started to work again.

Alive Olive Oil makes Live Soups Wondrous

Everybody's Favorite Celery-Cilantro Soup:
Adapted from a recipe from the Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck

  • 1 bunch celery (about 8 stalks)
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • 1 bunch fresh dill
  • 1 cup Living Tree Alive Olive Oil
  • 1/2 cup Living Tree raw almond butter or raw tahini
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1-2 T unpasteurized mayo
  • 1 T nama shoyu
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice (if not available, raw apple cider vinegar)
  • 8 cups water

Blend in a K-Tec or Vita-Mix, adding a little of the ingredients at a time until creamy. This is a big hit everywhere I have taken it. I always get requests for the recipe! If you want to make it creamier, simply add more celery stalks and a little more almond butter or olive oil. Serves about 10.

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Customers' Comments

I gave some of your olive oil to my sister-in-law. Instead of a wine-tasting, she had an olive oil tasting party. She had friends bring olive oils from Italy and all over Europe. They did a blindfold taste test...hid the bottles and poured oils in dishes and tasted with bread. LIVING TREE Olive Oil was unanimously voted THE BEST Olive oil. They were allll surprised to learn that it was a US made olive oil that they had chosen by taste alone. Just wanted to share that story with you. Yours is the only olive oil I have used for over 6 years now. Mm-mm! Thanks from
Elizabeth (Cookie) Maki
Cape Coral, Florida

Your olive oil is as good as gold!
I am about to drink it right out of the bottle! I am going to personally need a gallon size and then I will need to order an additional dozen for all my friends and family for the holidays - its only fair - if I am living this high on the "raw" they need to as well!
Thank you,
Beth and Morgan Snyder
Los Altos Hills, California

Today I tried your Living Olive Oil on the Wild Rice I purchased from you and it is so delicious. It is the best Olive Oil I've ever tasted. I'm really enjoying all my products I purchased from Living Tree Community. I plan to be a very good customer. Thanks,
Ginny Skinner

I'm so excited about the new crop of olive oil! Yours is ABSOLUTELY THE VERY BEST we've ever tasted!
Thank you!

Lindy Thomason
Granbury, Texas

Great products!
I just wanted to say that I've been enjoying your living products for quite a while now and your olive oil is by far the very best olive oil I have ever tasted. It's simply magnificent! Fresh, sweet, clean, fabulous. Thank you, thank you!
In peace,
Oakland, California

I love your products. I want to let everyone at Living Tree Community know how grateful I am for the amazing products you offer. I suffer from many allergies, and your foods have been so helpful. I can not live without the Olive Oil. I put it on absolutely everything I eat, and yes I drink a teaspoon on some occasions! I have shared Desiree Black Sesame Pesto with family and friends and I have them hooked as well. Oh, and did I mention how fabulous the Agave is! I think I could go on and on, but I will simply say many thanks to you for improving my quality of life!
Kerry Hughes
New York

Your olive oil is so great! It has made my skin softer and my hair shinier. It's taste is like nectar and there is no substitute for the smoothe, raw goodness that cleanses your insides and outsides. This is pure love in a bottle. It makes a fine gift and I can't wait for my mom to try it! Thank you all at the Living Tree Community for olive oil that tastes so good and is really healthy too!
Maria Shaheen
Atlanta, Georgia

I have tried your Raw Organic Living Tree Olive Oil and find it superior to any I have ever tasted. I have also purchased your nut butters and find them incredibly delicious. I will probably become a regular customer.
Thank you.

Vivian Sadler
Las Vegas, Nevada

I think your olive oil is delicious. My elderly mother took a teaspoon and she was delighted. There's some subtle essence about it that makes it different from any other olive oil I've tasted. Thank you for making it.
Katina Kefaloes

Pittsburg, Pennsylvannia

Your raw organic olive oil has a flavor like no other - it's absolutely the best I've ever tasted. No other olive oil will do for me now!
Ann Tumlin-Carnes
Los Angeles, California

I have to tell you that your olive oil is the best. I've had in a long time. It is so incredibly fresh and alive. All i can say is wow and thank you!
Amy Abrams
Venice, California

It's the best olive oil I've ever had. As far as quality, its probably the best on the market you can buy.
Doug Kriebel
Virgin Islands

I tried your olive oil at my friend's home... It's the most delicious olive oil I've ever tasted!
Steve Woolner
Sharon, Massachussetts

Hi, this wonderful order arrived this afternoon. All safe and sound. I cannot wait to taste everything. I know the olive oil is out of this world as well as the raisins. Now, checked out the dried mangos. Wonderful!
Have not tried the spreads yet, but, will do so as soon as I can.
We cannot use any other olive oil but yours. I give it away to my friend and son to get them hooked on it. You know, all other olive oils that I have used will turn rancid if not used right up. No foolin'. Your olive oil is so great I can take a teaspoon of it and want more.
I am truly sorry that it took so long for me to find your company. I have used your products about a year now, so I know what I speak when I say how wonderful everything is that you offer. The bonus' are so wonderful and I do thank you very much. And since I am an elder, I appreciate your free raisins. Thank you, thank you.

Janet Marsh
Hastings, New York

Thank you for your amazing products! I had never been able to find a cold-pressed oil that I thought was truly worth the extra cost- until I tried yours. It is the best olive oil I have ever tasted; there is truly a remarkable difference between your oil and other brands (and believe me, I have tried just about everything out there!). This one is a keeper- I will never use anything else again; the search for the perfect olive oil ends with you! Thank you!
Madia Cavanagh
Boulder, Colorado

Your wonderful products tempted me to one purchase. Then another. Now I cannot bear the thought of a day without at least a teaspoon of your Alive Olive Oil and a tablespoon of your Alive Almond Butter! I think the Alive Almond Butter greatly assisted my recovery from four and half straight hours of snow shoveling. Now I'm ordering other products. I need a higher paying job to support my growing Living Tree Community Foods habit!
Please keep providing the wonderful foods and educational services you already provide.

Rachel Dowty
Troy, New York

I'd like to say that for 42 years of my life I was your typical meat and potato, fast and junk food kinda person. I also added alcohol and smoking to the mix. One day just after my 42nd birthday I decided to use my willpower to quit drinking and smoking. Since then I feel as I have been given a second chance for life, doing it the way I should have.
Now 48, I find myself indulging in Raw and Living Foods. Since I found Living Tree Community last year I have fallen in love with what they offer. I live on their Raw Butters, Raw Nuts, Raw Tahinis and Pestos, The world's best Olive Oil and the best dried fruits I've ever tasted! Speaking of fruits it's hard to find "unsulfured" but Living Tree has what many other don't-pure fruit and sundried-no additives or artificial preservatives here.
Using a Vita Mix, I make my own shakes by adding your Almond Butter with your Chocolate/Agave, some ice cubes and spring water and what a taste treat that is. I've experimented by adding your sundried peaches, cranberries, figs and Coconut Oil, for a power house drink that feeds the soul and the senses!
I make my own soups by adding veggies plus your Olive Oil, Raw Almonds and Pistachios for an out of this world taste sensation.
I have never ran into a company that offers as wide a selection as you do. Sure others are out there, but they don't compare! Thank you Living Tree Community for advancing the Raw and Living Community! Thank you for giving the world the gift of Raw and Living Foods.
You have a fan for life!

Los Angeles

Living Tree Raw Organic Olive Oil - Unheated, Unfiltered and Unpressed!
It's Aviation Fuel

Remember, Organic Raw Olive Oil is a Fruit Juice Too

DISCLAIMER:- None of the products in this catalog and on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it our intention to prescribe any course of therapy.   The descriptions in our catalog and on our website are for educational purposes only.


Order 500ml Alive, Organic California Olive Oil in an Elegant Blue Bottle

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